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We're excited about the technology we can bring to your events. Whether you're hosting a road race, a cross country meet, a regatta, or a triathlon, we have exactly what you need to provide accurate results for your competitors.


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Timing and Event Services.

We provide the latest, most reliable technologies currently available to help make your event successful. Results are typically online before your athletes get home, and in many races the results are available within seconds after the athlete crossed the finish line. Our experience ranges from triathlons with "live" splits, point to point marathons, collegiate and high school cross country to timing one of the largest regattas in the country. We can provide the timing with fast, accurate results that you need for your event large or small.

Participant Timing Options.

F.A.T. (Fully Automatic Timing):

Sometimes referred to as "photo-finish" timing, F.A.T. is the standard for Track & Field timing today. Qualification for most high level invitational track meets now require F.A.T. times for all entries. When determining the place and time of competitors crossing the finish line at a high speed (think auto, bike or sprints) is critical or when documented accuracy and precision for their times is required (for recognized records), F.A.T. is the method of timing needed. We exclusively use FinishLynx equipment which is recognized as the world leader in F.A.T. technology. Capable of up to 10,000 frames per second, FinishLynx cameras and software are unmatched in capability and versatility for timing

We can display heat/lane assignments prior to the event and results within seconds after the completion of the event on your scoreboard or our digital displays. We can capture splits for the 800, 1600 or 3200 meter races. For meet management and scoring; for Track & Field, we use MeetPro from Direct Athletics; for Cross Country, we use The Race Director and for rowing, we use Regatta Master.


The Bib/Disposable Tag:

Also referred to as a bib­tag, these timing chips are attached to the back of the athlete’s bib number. Being disposable, they are not collected at the end of the race which eliminates the task of trying to collect the chips after the race. This has become the standard chip timing method for most major road and cross country races. We can use bibs which you supply (a minimum size is required) or we can supply generic, semi-custom or fully customized bibs for your event.


The Shoe Tag:

A reusable timing chip which is attached to one of the shoes of each competitor. Being reusable, they are collected at the end of the race. This is the most economical approach to chip timing your race. However, once your field size starts approaching 200 competitors, you may want to consider using disposable timing chips due to the logistics problem of collecting all of the chips at the end of the race.


The Multisport Tag:

Suitable for Triathlons, Aquathlons, Open Water swimming. This is a reusable timing chip which is collected at the end of the race. This method uses a chip which is fully waterproof and is attached to the competitor (arm or ankle) by means of a soft neoprene strap.


Race TIming Options.


Start Line Timing Mat:

When the start line is narrow or when the competitor field is large enough to require multiple rows of runners; this option allows the ability to collect the true time for each individual whether they started on the front row or at the back of the pack. Their actual time, from the actual start line to the finish line is recorded.


Lap & Split Times:

Many longer races now like to capture the athletes' times at intermediate points throughout the course. We can set up points along the route so your athletes can see how their pace varied throughout the race and as a way to verify that all competitors completed the entire course.


Finish Line:

Besides the basic timing mat at the finish line we employ a back up timing system as well. If a chip fails to be read by the timing system for any reason, we can still identify the competitor and place them correctly in the results. Our back up systems are fully independent of the primary system so even if they lose the timing chip, we can find them.

Service Options.

Event Result Options

  • Online Registration
  • Announcer Screen
  • Display Clocks
  • SMS (Text) Messaging
  • Live Results
    • Posted to the Internet
    • Posted to an on­site Display Monitor
  • Leaderboard Results Kiosk
    • Printed or Tablet

Equipment/Services Available

  • PA System
  • Finish Line Arch
  • Event Fencing
  • Bike Racks

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Tri-3 Timing grew out of Tri-3 Events which began in 2010 as a way to organize the Rockford Triathlon.

In today’s races, most everyone wants to know what their time was, but in a triathlon, they also want to know how long each "split" took. There was no timing company in the Rockford area that could provide that service. Looking at the area races and being involved with many other area triathlons, we saw a need that was not being filled.

Tri-3 Timing was born.

Being able to provide “chip timing” at a reasonable cost to all area races (running, triathlons, high school cross country) was the goal of Tri-3 Timing. So, in 2012, Tri-3 Timing began by providing timing services to area races. Being able to offer chip timing suited specifically for each type of race is a huge benefit to the race organizers.

Local races can now provide the same results, as fast, to their athletes as major races in the larger metropolitan areas can. Our goal is to deliver, to the Race Director and to the athlete, the services and results that will make the race a success and the athlete happy that they chose that race.

We continue to expand our capabilities and now offer FAT (Fully Automatic Timing) services, complete finish line set up, online registration, real-time online results with text messaging.

We're looking forward to working with you.

– Al Fielder, Tri-3 Timing